It’s not how much we give
but how much love we put into giving


The prime objective of SREEGEETHAM CHARITABLE TRUST is to provide support of all types including sharing of information, financial assistance, training, treatment and emotional care to those who deserve especially the poor, destitute and downtrodden in the society. This deed of trust was taken birth on February 25th 2020 at Maliankara, Ernakulam, Kerala established by Mr. P. A. Sreesan and his son Mr. Sreeresh P.S and his wife Mrs. Sherly K. H.

The trust is born because of their think to spread the service wider with a Named Organization. The Trust desire to irrevocably endowing funds upon trust for public, educational and cultural purposes, as hereinafter expressed and contained in this presents and pursuance of such desire have already transferred paid and handed over the property.


SREEGEETHAM CHARITABLE TRUST was done on February 25th 2020 by Mr.Sreesan, Mr.Sreeresh and Mrs.Sherly K.H at Maliankara, Ernakulam, Kerala, India. From its humble origin as a unity of 3 contributors focused to help the people suffering from serious illnesses, it has grown rapidly, and now its projects cover a wide range of activities. The Trust is committed to the welfare of people from the most underprivileged strata of society without distinction of caste, color, religion, language, territory, ethinicity, politics etc. It focused on helping the deserving people to bring them to the mainstream of society.

"The charities of life are scattered everywhere, enameling the vales of human beings as the flowers paint the meadows. They are not the fruit of study, nor the privilege of refinement, but a natural instinct."


On behalf of SREEGEETHAM CHARITABLE TRUST approach you with open arms to donate generously for this noble endeavour.


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