SREEGEETHAM CHARITABLE TRUST was done on February 25th 2020 by Mr.Sreesan, Mr.Sreeresh and Mrs.Sherly.K.H at Maliankara, Ernakulam, Kerala. From its humble origin as a unity of 3 contributors focused to help the people suffering from serious illnesses, it has grown rapidly, and now its projects cover a wide range of activities. The Trust is committed to the welfare of people from the most underprivileged strata of society without distinction of caste, color, religion, language, territory, ethnicity, politics etc. It focused on helping the deserving people to bring them to the mainstream of society.

Where as Authors of the Trust are possessed of and otherwise well and sufficiently entitled to the sum of Rs 10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) hereinafter referred to as said property. Whereas the Authors of the Trust desire to irrevocably endowing the said funds upon trust for public, educational, and cultural, purposes, as hereinafter expressed and contained in this presents and pursuance of such desire have already transferred paid and handed over the said property to the trustees. Whereas it is the desire of the Authors of the Trust that the Corpus of the Trust may be further augmented from time to time by flow of funds and other assets including movable and immovable and any other kind by way of Gifts or Donations, acquisitions, allotments, grand, exchange or otherwise etc.

The Trust shall be an irrevocable public educational, cultural trust for the benefit of all persons belonging to whatever community irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion, the Trustees shall stand possessed of the said amount of corpus endowed by the Authors of the Trust and such other properties (both movable and immovable) as may be acquired from time to time by the Trust, by purchase, exchange, grant, allotment, subscription, endowment, donation, contribution, or in any manner to whatsoever (all of which shall be designed as Trust properties) on the Trust herein mentioned.

We gave our hands of help to the helpless, illiterate, homeless, sick, elderly, mentally ill and destitute in Kerala, India by providing financial assistance. The Activities of the Trust are fully transparently and trustworthy. Our trust also intends to create a group of people who are ready to serve poor people empathetically. We plan to develop our Trust to a much better level by attracting more and extending our service to many other fields of charity.





Vice Chairman




SREEGEETHAM CHARITABLE TRUST doing their best performance to reach their helpful hands to every needy downtrodden in the society who deserve the support in the form of fund, Medical aid, Education, Welfare and so on. The assistance provided by our Trust does not work for the promotion of any organization or individuals or campaigns. SREEGEETHAM not stands on the standard of profit but on the foundation of humanity.


SREEGEETHAM CHARITABLE TRUST is a dream comes true for us. The initiation of the Trust is to introduce our activities to public, to reach out to those who need our help and to raise the necessary funds. With the growth of the Trust, we wish to establish a charitable hospital in the name of the Trust. You too can join in this great work by make your donation and be a partner in this great compilation. With your help and support, we are confident that we can achieve the goal very soon.